...a couple of tracks featuring the smooth vocals of singer // Angelica Lucero //
alongside music producer // Jojo Yang // who combine their talents to become
the duo

:: IDYLL ::

...the sound is professional and fresh, like citrus lime squeezed onto a soft taco,
as they continue to build on their debut EP // One // released last year ...in contrast
to other bands of the progressive electro genre, they concentrate on the lyrics first,
and that comes across as the vocals and music, whilst working in harmony, both have
center stage ...I will include the 4 track EP, released last June, for those who want more,
but the video for the track // Bad Boi // is just too good not to view, as I start out with
a recently posted cover the duo did of Phil Collins "Another Day In Paradise"


:: IDYLL :: Another Day In Paradise [Phil Collins Cover] ::

:: IDYLL :: Bad Boi ::


:: IDYLL :: EP One ::


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