...exhibiting poisonality // Aron Mickael Ekberg // a.k.a. Swedish rapper,
footballer, songwriter, DJ, & music producer


...steps back into the roaring twenties with a dirty dance revival track
// Little Swing // featuring cockney sounding vocals of singer // Little Sis Nora //
who really is his sister ...kudos for keeping it in the family ARON ...the tune
sound a little bit familiar? ...his last big hit was // I'm An Albatraoz // in 2015
...next up, a track appropriate for the start of the new work week, the comedic
// Fired Cuz I Was Late // ...don't try this at home ...if you need an excuse for
being late, the clock change works in your favor, but only this time round


:: ARONCHUPA :: Little Swing feat. LITTLE SIS NORA ::

:: ARON CHUPA :: Fired Cuz I Was Late ::


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