...most definitely not average, this funk pop band from Glasgow

:: WHITE ::

...breathe fresh air into the art pop genre ahead of their February/March
UK tour with the release of single // Living Fiction // that came out last
month ...according to lead singer // Leo Condie // the band's sound is
influenced by post-punk, the 70's & 80's pop scene, and Bowie, whilst
wrapping it up in a funk bow marked Billy Mackenzie ...in short, they aim
to modernize the pop genre, and I think they manage this with style ...the
Bowie influence is noticeable in the second track // Blush // released last
year ...imminently watchable, morishly enjoyable, their energetic
enthusiasm combined with talent assures them a satisfied fan base


:: WHITE :: Living Fiction [Official Video] ::

:: WHITE :: Blush [Official Video] ::


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