...taking a look at alternative hip hop artist // Melissa Jefferson // better known as

:: LIZZO ::

...who has an impressive musical resumé, being the founder member of groups
such as Grrrl Prty and The Chalice ...she hits a pop home run with her latest MV
// Humanize // in a video that is colorfully entertaining, with a catchy mainstream
vibe, providing a visual catalyst for the track, taken from her album // Big GRRRL
Small World // released Dec 10, 2015, as is // My Skin // which is an RnB plea for
acceptance in a world that defines its ideals from the glossy magazines of crimped
perfection that are testaments to social manipulation, in an album that interweaves
styles such as soul, RnB, hip hop, and pop rap, with affirming social statements


:: LIZZO :: Humanize ::

:: LIZZO :: My Skin [Recorded live for World Cafe] ::


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