...a couple of tracks from Icelandic indie rock band

:: KALEO ::

...replete with their smart casual good looks and clean living, outdoors style,
starting out with a recently released MV featuring the recording of their HBO
soundtrack single // No Good // before we follow them down into a live
Icelandic volcano called Prihnukagigur to film an MV for a track called
// Way Down We Go // a popular single from last year that heralded their
Way Down We Go tour ...the guys kicked off the U.S. leg of the tour last
week, having recently signed to Atlantic Records, and will be moving to
Texas to work on new material for their next project ...thank you Reykjavik


:: KALEO :: No Good [Live at United Record Pressing] ::

:: KALEO :: Way Down We Go [LIVE in a volcano] ::


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