...a couple of pop tracks from English singing songwriter, drummer, and model // Florence Arnold //
who goes by the name


...as we get to sample the results of a recent collaboration she did with Swedish pop impresario
// Joacim Persson // better known as // TWIN // a man who has worked with the likes of Kylie
and John Legend, as we appreciate the sounds of her latest single // Real Love // via a slick
video which manages to serve us up the same old, same old, disturbances in the relationship
force that demands itself played out, but so watchable, none the less, as the catchy musical
backdrop pulls us in for one last love match hope that leads to kiss kiss, make-up, live
happily ever after, as the musical precursor to a single called // Seashells // which was
the first track off her last EP // Sirens // ...fans of music that gets stuck in your head,
play on repeat


:: FLORRIE :: Real Love [Official Video] ::

:: FLORRIE :: Seashells [Official Video] ::

...a dub mix antidote ...sorry ...I needed

:: FLORRIE :: Little White Lies [Shadow Child Dub Mix] ::


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