...a couple of MV's from multi award winning South Korean all girl pop group

:: 4MINUTE ::

...comprising of singers // Jeon Ji-yoon, Nam Ji-hyun, Kim Hyun-a, Kwon So-hyun,
& Heo Ga-yoon // so why weren't they named "5Minute"? ...either way, their dance
routines are a sleek accompaniment to their fruity pop performance that attempts to
become a bit more gritty in places, but they are too 'sweet' to pull it off, but do we care?
...Kpop is all about the visual stories, as their latest couple of MV's reveal as the band
highlight // Hate // & // Crazy // in alternate emotional deliveries, helpfully
monochromed least we get confused about where we are ...Hate is off the mini
album // Act. 7 // released Feb 1, representing a collaboration with American
music producer // Skrillex // ...Crazy is the title track off the group's 6th EP of
the same name, released Feb 9, going straight to no. 1 on Billboard's World
Album Chart


:: 4MINUTE [포미닛] :: 싫어 [Hate] MV ::

:: 4MINUTE [포미닛] :: 미쳐 [Crazy] MV ::


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