...not such a new band but finally getting round to producing a long awaited debut
album, this alternative rock 'group'


...with a sound reminiscent of Jesus & Mary Chain with a post-punk peppering,
has just released an official video for the track // Pacifist Masochist // that sets
the scene for approaching a wider audience ...with that in mind, I am including a
live set from a little while ago that was done for KSUB radio which outlines the
talent of singing musician and original sole member // Garett van der Spek // who
is said to have since replaced his drum machine with a live drummer, but either
way, the music provides the perfect backdrop for van der Spek's wide range of
vocals, which he himself has described as "yelping & noodling" ...the self titled
album // Prism Tats // is due out April 15 this year


:: PRISM TATS :: Pacifist Masochist ::

:: PRISM TATS :: Live at KSUBradio ::


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