...linking into a reggae vibe with a couple of tracks from yesterday that leak into other genres such as trip hop with a rhythmic soul sound, starting out with English record producer, director, actor, musician and singer // Adrian Nicholas Matthews Thaws // who is better known by his stage name of

:: TRICKY ::

...having worked with the likes of // Massive Attack // before embarking on a solo career, collaborating with his then girl friend and vocalist // Martina Topley-Bird // who appears on his debut album // Maxinquaye // which the 1995 single // Aftermath // was taken from, before we pay a visit to British electronic music producing DJ


...and the jazz influenced track // Night Time // via the audio version from his re-released & re-mastered studio album affectionately known as // Mrs. Cruff // as we play with the name to distinguish this version from the earlier 1997 "Mr. Scruff"  album, complete with 3 additional tracks ...this has no vocals, but a masterful beat that takes you to a Barbados beach with the sounds of Tijuana brass in the background ...it's mellow bass completes a sophisticated rhythm that carries you closer to the weekend courtesy of an imaginary audio stretch limousine


:: Tricky :: Aftermath [Official Video] ::

:: Mr Scruff :: Night Time ::


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