2 x TEEN

...a couple of indie pop tracks leading up to the weekend featuring a couple of recent releases from self styled pop 'weirdo's' from Brooklyn

:: TEEN ::

...setting us up for the release of their 3rd studio album // Love Yes // due out Feb 19 ...apparently there are stories behind the tracks but the experimental synth has me so hooked that I don't care that // Tokyo // is about a man who wants to leave his wife that further leads into the whole idea of societal norms and its obsession with everything young, but it is the first track listed on the new album, which, if the song titles are anything to go by, looks like it deals with the subject of human relationships bounced between the Ego & the Id, but that is too complicated a direction as the musical style is morishly attractive as I keep with the playlist line-up with the second track // All About Us // that further piques curiosity


:: TEEN :: Tokyo ::

:: TEEN :: All About Us ::


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