...what else is there to do on Saturday's but wake up and watch MV's while munching on old bread toasted and topped with the last of the margarine, plus jam that's at odds with the color of your bloodshot eyes, paired with brutal coffee to convince you that your blood is still pumping round your body? ...okay, so you may be more awake than that, but still, gentleness is the order of the day brought to us by American Appalachian folk rock band


...and their recently released single // Sleeper Hold // from the album // Such Things // followed by another track off the album, namely // Bad Ideas // that sees vocalist // Zac Little// become the metaphorical Jason dancing amongst golden fleeces in an experimental alt rock, grungy, entertainingly odd, MV that makes you feel a little better about your own sanity


:: Saintseneca :: Sleeper Hold ::

:: Saintseneca :: Bad Ideas ::


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