...with a band name of


...you can be forgiven for considering that it might be a Goth group comprised of hard rock goddesses drawing on their pre-menstrual tensions to compose rhythms that sing the black and blues of love around midnight ...instead, we find four choir boys, a couple of whom have been classically trained, rocking their alternative pop into the hopes and schemes of backyard basements filled with wannabee dreamers as the latest release is actually something I consider to be an improvement on past performances and have high hopes for their venture into the realms of indie soft rock with more style and pizzazz, so along with their latest single, I throw in a tiny desk concert the group did for NPR a few months back ...my only advice, guys...play to your audience, as they give it their all despite the small confines of an office space filled with cuddly toys and legs moving with a self-consciousness the rest of their bodies seem blissfully unaware of


:: My Darling Fury :: Satisfied ::

:: My Darling Fury :: AOK :: NPR Tiny Desk Contest Entry ::


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