...styling out Saturday with some boom bap courtesy of UK hip-hop band


...mixing in smooth vibes of soul, reggae, R&B, and jazz funk, as the mood requires,
           with a set of lyrical poetic fingers of social conscience, grabbing your mind like a
 Tom to your Jerry, as the band morphs and grows to include a variety of some 20
 musicians and vocalists, with three kings at their core // Chini // Defty // & Pitch // who
 make up the tight production team who rotate young Manchester rap talent that features
 // Dr Syntax // adding his 'prolific' experience to the mix ...so, in order to tap into the
personality of the band, here are a couple of tracks from recent projects, beginning with
 the title track off their latest album released last year // Step Steadier //  leading
 into a collaboration with hip hop artist // Mattic // and his psychological rap
 ...if you want more, I recommend checking out his album // The Adventures of
 Doctor Outer // released 2014, and let his mine of lyrical thoughts expand your
 audio  experience


:: The Mouse Outfit :: Step Steadier ::

:: Mattic & The Mouse Outfit :: Recording Again / Ted Pipes ::


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