...taking a look at Norwegian tropical house music producer

:: MATOMA ::

...mixing hip-hop with electro pop to create a style that brings together the mods and rockers of the now age as he builds on his 2014 hit // Old Thing Back // when he remixed // Notorious B.I.G.'s // "One More Chance"  adding vocals from // Ja Rule & Ralph Tresvant // with a recent collaborative session with Norwegian singing songwriter // Astrid Smeplass // who goes by the stage name

:: ASTRID S ::

...& a track called // Running Out // that feature's on Matoma's  debut album // HAKUNA MATOMA // ...I also included the playlist of the full album for those who want to check it out


:: MATOMA & ASTRID S :: Running Out [Official Audio] ::

:: MATOMA :: Old Thing Back ::

:: HAKUNA MATOMA :: Full Album Playlist ::


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