...a couple of MVs from American/Honduran singing songwriter // Lorely Rodriguez // who goes by the stage name


...and why shouldn't she leave it open ended, but in lieu of further clarification, we can add "Empress of....alternative R&B"  as one direction, although she strays into the realms of pop with an experimental flavor that embraces electronica and synth to whet the appetite long enough to keep listening, but only just ...I liked her earlier stuff that was more unique, but there's a lot to be said for driving down the middle of the road until you get noticed so with that aim in mind, I offer up a couple of tracks, including her latest single // Icon // from her debut album // Me // that was released last year (yes, I just said 'last year'...how time flies), so take a listen and see what you think


:: Empress Of :: Standard [Official Music Video] ::

:: Empress Of :: Icon [Official Music Video] ::


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