2 x E E V E E

...a couple of offerings from Dutch music producer

:: E E V E E ::

...who shares her personal style of lo-fi, loop-based hip-hop in small bite sizes pieces that make it easy listening as she samples tracks from the known, feeding them back to you in a dreamy distortion that you enjoy like fake strawberry Angel Delight lying, uninvitingly, complete with plastic sheen, in an old WW II bowl from somebody's grannies attic, that you hate but can't stop eating, developing a taste for it that relegates the real to the trash ...for starters, her latest instrumental // Broken Eyes // that turns the tables on Presley's "I Did it my Way"  dousing it with riffs of reggae, Hawaiian guitars, and a ricochet of bullets from a drum, to the point that you say, "Elvis who?"  ...interesting work from this experimental DJ creating her own audio art form so if you like this track, her little over 11 minutes // Highlights // EP released at the end of October, will have you smiling at the pink powder and wondering what it would be like with a dash of tomato ketchup


:: E e v e e :: Broken Eyes ::

:: E e v e e :: Highlights EP ::


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