...a visit to a couple of yesterday's heroes as I mix jazz with post-punk, and a French kiss with a Turkish goth-wave, starting with Grammy award nominee, American jazz singer


...& a song that was first recorded back in 1943 by singer // Charles Trenet // and a video that melts into the scene like warm brandy languishing in a bulbous glass, as the elegant swirl releases plum base tones with sweet mellow notes that hint at something more as we sense the pathos united in hope by the red ribbon of desire that is fraying, before a strange bedfellow finds its way into the vacant space, working to alleviate the gloom by adding its own darkness, ignited by a Turkish darkwave, post-punk duo formed in 2006 and made up, at the time of the featured MV, of // Volkan Caner // & // İdris Akbulut // under the band name


...as they reawaken the style of the 80's genre by compiling pieces of their personal punk puzzle that can be traced back to groups such as // Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, & The Cure // offering a glide into the passionate fervor and angst of the genre, with just the right amount of Goth to perfect the flavor


:: Stacey Kent :: Que reste-t-il de nos amours ::

:: She Past Away :: Kasvetli Kutlama ::


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