...a couple of stale rings on the coffee table as the 60's connect with the late '90's starting out with some Brazilian bossa nova courtesy of samba diva


...and a song from 1964 that highlights the way Gilberto's voice had a quality like a musical instrument that bobs along the notes in perfect harmony lending itself perfectly to the style that she expresses in a video packed with clips from the era, admirable for the fashion and fun, before being transported to 1998 and a track from British electronic band


...whose many musical creations found their way into the backing track to both films and commercials, appealing to those who like their entertainment to arrive in bite size chunks of pop rock explosions they don't have to work too hard to appreciate, and perhaps also to those who seek something a little more sophisticated than the Birdie Song ...either way, fun video and both would work well with a modern make-over


:: Astrud Gilberto :: FLY ME TO THE MOON - 1964 - Stereo ::

:: The Wiseguys :: Ooh La La (Official Video) ::


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