...a couple of alternative rock tracks from English band


...starting with // Spectre // which was rejected as the latest James Bond theme song submitted last year that the band decided to share with their fans as a Christmas pressie, but the rejection might be a good thing since it gets to stand on its own merit with ease, followed by one of their earlier releases from 1997 off the album // OK Computer // and a track called // Karma // with an invitation to enter that long recurring dream to lose yourself in the smooth rolling sounds of voices and rivers of notes cruising sedately down a midnight road from an MTV Video Music Award for Best Group winning band


:: Radiohead :: Spectre ::

:: Radiohead :: Karma Police ::

...as an added extra, another rival for the James Bond theme song from Bristol-based alternative indie band


...as they joked about being asked to come up with the track and decided to make one anyway as a creative exercise that sees them veer away from their more usual style that many say produced a song that is an improvement on the 20 minutes it took Sam Smith's winning effort, but it is all about who is the flavor of the moment and not what is best...maybe ...take a listen ...I liked

:: Spectres :: Spectre (Official Video) ::


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