...an experimental indie offering from a German 5 piece band with an interesting name


...originating from the Japanese anime // Pokémon // and #185, which is a second generation Sudowoodo character that resembles a tree, containing the word 'trickster', as the founder of the group // Simon Ebener-Holscher // feels that it suitably reflects the band's creative mischievous sounds, which have included making use of rustling carrier bags, plus a combination of technical musical tom foolery that adds personality to their experimental indie style ...I was at a loss as to how much to share so I opted for their latest video and single release so you can see what they look like, plus the ripple affect of their talent that sees the music producers remix German alternative indie band // Drawing Circles // single "Run" ...usual black and white unanswered angst in the MV but a few of Moglebaum's  members make a brief appearance ...I'll tag on their debut EP // Ozean // released earlier this year, for those who just can't get enough


:: Moglebaum :: You & Me [Live in the Shop] ::

:: Drawing Circles :: Run [Moglebaum Remix] MV ::

:: Moglebaum :: Ozean EP ::


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