2 x KILL J

...an experimental amalgam of electro r & b blowing bubbles of alt pop bursting upon the dust of same old, is one way to describe the sound of Danish singing songwriter // Julie Aagaard // who goes by the stage name of

:: KILL J ::

...are they a duo with KILL being the electro beat music producer and J on the vocals, or is it all down to one singular mastermind? ...either way, most definitely worth a listen to appreciate a beautiful voice that glides effortlessly through a range of styles in a portfolio that is influenced by hip hop, soul, and R&B, but they have moved on to entwine musical moods from many areas, reflecting a diverse message that deals with emotional moods in a refreshingly creative way, starting out with a recent release, a dystopian cover of // Aqua's // 1997 hit // Barbie Girl // before going out in a 'bloody and beautiful salvo' with a release from last year // Bullet // dedicated, in J's own words, to the victims of other people's bullshit convictions, and those who act sinful, hateful, and ungodly in the name of their God


:: Kill J :: Barbie Girl ::

:: Kill J :: Bullet ::


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