...if allergic to sugar, you may want to pass on these MV's, as the Korean pop scene embraces all that is nostalgic about Christmas, linking to metaphors that are fluffy, soft, and snowing, where all wishes are fulfilled, and hope is not left out in the cold, starting with boy band

:: VIXX :: 빅스 ::

...which stands for // Voice, Visuals and Value // and they seem to deliver all their promises in a festive tale, complete with kitty, as we watch the past catch up with the present in a pleasant MV that is this years offering from their South Korean record label, "Jellyfish Entertainment", and, since I've got you in the mood, why not journey further into this genre's seasonal schmaltz with a modern fairy story brought to us by girl group

:: GIRLS GENERATION :: 소녀시대 ::

...who also go by the name // SNSD // and who are also Korea's most successful girl band of the year, topping the Gaon Music Charts, which is their equivalent of the Billboard's, with an impressive amount of album and single sales ...the song is offered with an English version, which is a huge nod to the wide audience appeal that has seen K-pop take off internationally through an impressive mix of polished performances by young singers exhibiting clean cut fashion styles, likeable dance moves, and acting skills, all on top of talented vocals ...for those who enjoy the genre, this Xmas offering won't disappoint


:: [Jelly Christmas 2015] 서인국, 빅스, 박정아, 박윤하 - 사랑난로 MV ::

:: Girls' Generation-TTS소녀시대-태티서_Dear Santa_Music Video(English ver.) ::


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