...a couple of surreal tracks from American singing songwriter, actress, and musician


...who has the lesser seen talent of combining lyrical vocals whilst playing a harp ...think Cocteau Twins after a couple of hours of elocution lessons coached by Kate Bush and you get some idea of the surreal sound that is both haunting as it is slightly strange, but it's all in the eyes, and I may be missing something but it works as some kind of art form devoid of spatial conformity to bland pop or hard rock, for one example, and if vocals had legs, they would be ballet dancing all over the stage of my inner mind whilst being chased by purple crocodiles carrying human skin hand bags ...perhaps what could be said of this is that it is the anti-dote to Punk, as if such a thing is needed ...either way, something different ...whether different 'good' or different 'bad', I'll leave up to you


:: Joanna Newsom :: Leaving The City [on Later] ::

:: Joanna Newsom :: Sapokanikan [Official Video] ::


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