...a dip into the world of the French Jamaican musical DJ shaman


...who also produces, writes, and sings, as one would expect ...we may not know all the words but with so many on repeat, we can work out the gist of this dark and light twin discourse complete with the two essential props required for such a journey: clouds and a mirror, as the metaphorical nature of existence is merely hinted at, used as a stage imprint that I got tired of despite the jaunty hat and tight trousers and white t-shirt, and the choreography courtesy of the Archaeological Dept. of Egyptian Antiquities  ...what can I say? ...I am shallow ...it works for me, but only so far, so why not stick with the surreal dream theme and tag on something even more so from London singing songwriter

:: NAO ::

...creating a great first impression as we follow the perfection of a soulful voice leading us through a video that sedates our thoughts the way our nightmares visit, ramping up as our devils scream out truth to us, but as always, there is a message ...appreciate the video as is for it is the story of all the Eve's and Adam's, of nature, of the results of our in-actions as we sleep walk our way back home within the fall-out shelter of our ignorant bliss, or simply view as a cool MV ...do I need to add the words: one to watch?


:: WILLY WILLIAM :: Ego (Official Video) ::

:: NAO :: Bad Blood (Official Video) ::

Gif: dr.o.wn via vane-dde


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