...grabbing a gritty slice of rock cake courtesy of Toronto indie band


...started by a couple of school mates // Katie Monks // & // Liz Ball // all the way back in 2009 with no money and just the desire to make music buoyed up by the charming disillusion of teenage dreams that for them proved sufficient as they jokingly reminisce about how they were a couple of 'weirdos' with the attitude that their band could take over the f@$king world, and that could possibly happen since their sound is home brewed cider at the Monkey House, capable of reviving the most sleepy hangover through their experimental sound of rock scraping its nails down a chalk board, leaving you slightly on edge, a state which some find appealing, as bassist // Jimmy Tony Billy Rowlinson // and drummer // Benjamin Reinhartz // fill out the group, so I may as well fling you right into the deep end with a couple of recently released tracks from their latest album // Sore // starting with // Purple Rage // and ending with an added extra // Candy Mountain // from last year, because it's just too good to leave out


:: Dilly Dally :: Purple Rage ::

:: Dilly Dally :: The Touch ::

:: Dilly Dally :: Candy Mountain ::


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