...a couple of mix tracks courtesy of Dutch house music duo // Zki & Dobre // who go by the stage name


...amongst others ...their 'real names are // Gaston Steenkist // & // René ter Horst as DJ Zki // and together, they have been churning out hits since the early '90's, aiming for their latest offering // Popatron // to blow the dance floors away with a rhythmic electro beat that carries you along like a fairground horsey round ride thing that you don't want to get off for as long as you can tell yourself that you don't look stupid ...the MV is 'nice' too, with an animated street art vibe that works well to promote the music style ...for those who'd like more, I include a recent electro dance set they did at SLAM! MixMarathon live at the Amsterdam Dance Event a couple of months ago


:: Chocolate Puma :: Popatron [Official Music Video] ::

:: Chocolate Puma :: [DJ-set] at SLAM! MixMarathon live from ADE ::


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