2 x ATL

...a couple of tempting tracks to greet the mid-week madness on the run up to lots of eating, meeting, and repeating as we follow London-born/Atlanta raised singer

:: ABRA ::

...onto the balcony for walking like a model and revealing flat tummy whilst looking cool on a skateboard, catch me on my right side pleeze, and a voice that charms the way flute music winds its way inbetween lots of tall buildings in a video shot from a Miami apartment and a song that first showed its face on her debut solo album released earlier this year // Rose // but enough about the rising starlet as we plunge into something a little different ...how many of you will check out the sounds in your room to find the source of the voices but they are trapped in the rhythm, man, as we are treated to something more natural, like the times you found yourself at a party, mellow for the wrong reasons, and someone puts on a track from some demo tape they just made and you think it's the best thing ever but make a mental note 'cos in the morning, this might not sound so good, but I introduce to you a funk meets hip-hop with a classic soulful R&B groove track from Atlantan rapper and music producer


...which is set to be the first single from his upcoming album // I Think I'm On Fire II // ...I doubt you'll be disappointed


:: ABRA :: Fruit [Official Music Video] ::

:: Ethereal :: Eraser [I Think I'm On Fire 2] (Music Video) ::


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