2 x TERRANOVA ft. Stereo Mcs

...a couple of Fetisch in Kaos trip hop offerings from the fusion music band from Germany


...formed in 1996 who experiment with mixing various genres such as electro, punk, and house whilst creatively collaborating with artists, such as // Rob Birch // and // Cath Coffey // from the UK hip hop, electro dance band


...as we start off with a track released earlier this year from Terranova's last album // Restless // and the first track off the block that uses a minimalist style that lulls you into the false idea that the music is key when the message is a blinding one as the social experiment leaks into your brain and it becomes harder to concentrate in the second video as it blends clever camera tricks like photos in a dark room and I am not sure if propaganda is what I should take away from all this rather than the hypnotizing electro beats that continue playing in your mind after the music has stopped ...off to find someone to ask if there's anything different about me but before I do


:: Terranova :: Tell Me Why feat. Stereo Mcs (official video) ::

:: Terranova :: Headache feat. Cath Coffey (Official Video) ::


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