...a couple of soul jazz on acid sipped from the table at the bottom of the White Rabbit's hole sets the scene as we enter the dark side of love found at the depth of a dark soul from Dutch singer // Sharon Kovacs // who goes by her last name

:: KOVACS ::

...who sings in English with an accent that adds an attractive personality to a gritty voice that has led her to European success with her first EP released last year // My Love // that had Greece awarding it the coveted number 1 spot, preceding the release of her debut album // Shades of Black // earlier this year, which is where the following tracks come from, exhibiting a range of style, passion, a seductive voice, and sense of fun, in a tribute to an evolving personality that will leave you stirred if unshaken


:: Kovacs :: The Devil You Know (Official Video) ::

:: Kovacs :: 50 Shades Of Black (Official Video) ::


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