2 x J Δ Y E E M

...a couple of futurist experimental tracks from Spanish based music producer // J Mohedano // who goes by the stage name of

:: J Δ Y E E M ::

...that lead us into a musical bath for the senses filled with glitched out garage bubbles mixed with yellow ducks of soul, house, and skewed vocals that transform into an altered reality that piques the consciousness the way we remember some obscure sound from in the womb and I find myself wondering what dolphins would do if played this as I move into the brain space reserved for tripped out expansive chill moments courtesy of audio chemicals ...need a fix? ...press PLAY and


:: J Δ Y E E M :: I never told you ::

:: J Δ Y E E M :: I'm Thinkin Of U ::

glitched gif by visual artist: Kenaim Alshatti


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