2 x INNA

...a couple of pop sets from Romanian singer and dancer // Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu // who goes by the name

:: INNA :: 

 ...having a claim to fame for being the first European female artist to exceed 1 billion views on YouTube back in 2012 ...INNA has topped charts around the world, assuring an international appetite for her style of EDM, leading her to great commercial success, so I chose a couple of tracks from her latest self titled album // INNA // to find out what all the fuss was about, starting out with a collaboration between her and American singing songwriter // Eric Turner // who also wrote and produced the upbeat party single, followed by the second track from the album featuring Brazilian-born Swedish rapper // J-Son // and a video perfect to watch this side of Thanksgiving for those who would like some encouragement to get a head start on a keep fit New Year's Resolution, or just to admire the sets of free weights with their pretty red & grey color scheme


:: INNA :: Bop Bop (feat. Eric Turner) Official Video ::

:: INNA :: Bamboreea feat. J-Son (Online Video) ::


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