...something dirty and sweet for THROWBACK THURSDAY from two stars of the past united under the same banner by a song which first broke onto the surface of the seventies glam rock music scene courtesy of


...the lead singer, guitarist, writer, and founder member of the British band // T Rex // shortened from Tyrannosaurus Rex, the group's former name they released 4 underground acoustic albums under prior to their electronic transformation which led them to 14 top 20 UK hits and 6 albums before the untimely death of Bolan in a car accident in 1977, resulting in the band splitting up ..."Get It On" is from T Rex's 1971 album // Electric Warrior // ...fans in the U.S. will know it as "Bang a Gong", which was covered by punk rock goddess // Debbie Harry // and her band


...I include a live recording of them playing at the Convention Hall, New Jersey, in 1979 over the bridge of a short interview given by Bolan in 1972 that records his motivation, his thoughts on life, and gives an insight into his character as we come away with the idea that he was a poet who used the art form of music as a means to reveal his personal depths


:: T Rex ft Elton John :: Get It On HD ::


:: Blondie :: Bang A Gong (Get It On) - 7/7/1979 - Convention Hall (Official) ::

...an extra

...what happens when you add a multi-stage festival, talented musicians like John Oates from Hall And Oates, Billy Idol, R Kelly, & Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes? ...you get a super jam session that rocks the house...or rather the 700 acre field the concert was held on


:: SuperJam 2013 :: Billy Idol sings T. Rex's "Bang A Gong (Get It On)" | Ep. 8 | Bonnaroo ::


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