...what's popular in France? ...I must admit to not asking myself that much so I found a couple of releases of interest beginning with a reflective offering from Belgian singer


...and a video for a title that translates as "When Is It?" dealing with the pain and trauma around the issue of cancer as we are somewhat assuaged by watching his silhouette dance in an empty theater, imploring with arms that seem to go on forever, in a beautifully directed video that metaphorically buys into Shakespeare's iconic quote of all the world being a stage and the men and women merely players, but we are in it together, which ties in nicely with the intro for the next track from French duo // Simon Buret // & // Olivier Coursier // who go by the name

:: AaRON ::

...clipped from their new album // We Cut The Night // and an MV that is described as "raw poetry in the city" with an intro. from John Malkovich which sets the scene for an alt pop glide through life's basket ball courts ...there may be something lost in the translation but it has a pleasant feel, kind of like finding yourself bathed in sunlight on a cloudy day


:: Stromae :: Quand c'est? :: 

:: AaRON :: Blouson Noir (Clip Officiel) ::


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