2 x SOAK

...a look at the person behind the persona of the talented young Irish singing songwriter and musician

:: SOAK ::

...who, despite being only 18, is already in the midst of an aspiring music career, beginning a set with a recent solo session she did in The Pool at Miloco Studios comprising of an alternative version of a song from her debut album // Before We Forgot How To Dream // released earlier this year, followed by a short interview from a Skins Session where she gives an insight into where she is right now & the motivation behind her song "Blud", along with a cover of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" as part of Radio 1's Piano Sessions


:: SOAK :: Oh Brother (Solo Session) ::

:: SOAK :: Interview - Skins Session ::

:: SOAK :: Shake It Off (by Taylor Swift) - Radio 1's Piano Sessions ::


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