...A set glancing backwards for THROWBACK THURSDAY with swinging Seoul trio: THE BARBARETTES

바버렛츠 The Barberettes - "Barbara Ann(Barberettes)"(Cover of The Beach Boys) 

...always seeking something different, combining K-pop with swing and seoul, (pun intended), 3 ladies from South Korea have gained international notoreity through recreating the doo-wop retro sound of the 50's & 60's ...in a set put together for Throwback Thursday: THE BARBERETTES (Hangul: 바버렛츠) comprising of: So Hee Park, Grace Kim, and Shinae An Wheeler, harmonize with beautiful accoustics which bring grace and charm to the dust of yesterday's long but not totally forgotten hits ...Njoy

[온스테이지] 180th. 바버렛츠 - Mr.sandman

바버렛츠 The Barberettes - "Be My Baby"(Cover of The Ronettes)


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