...A set from UK hard and soft rock, post-punk band: KASABIAN.............

Kasabian - bumblebeee

...bringing a rock buzz into your week with the Leicester rock band: KASABIAN starting with their single: bumblebeee with blood [get thee gone red squiggly line - this is how they spelled it] ...this video was written about the fans and relates to the symbiotic partnership that takes place between the band and their supporters, both combining to make the magic happen ...lots of punk dancing with dogs and general piling in of both 2 and 4 legged bodies as spit flies and vocalist Tom Meighan tells us that he wants to do it all again ...if this is Tom's idea of ecstacy, I'm concerned for his target ...run, girl, run ...the beez [okay, I did that one] are buzzin' and his hive's lights are full on and you should be worried 'cos he's home ...we get a bit of a breather part way through when it goes a little bit goth romantic but that turns out just to be retreat and reload so press play and blast this rock of love into your Monday with ringing ears and a sweet relief when it all ends...and there's more...Njoy

Kasabian - eez-eh

Kasabian - Days Are Forgotten


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