Showing posts from June, 2015 electro dance set from German international touring DJ & music producer :: OLIVER HUNTEMANN :: filmed in the :: FORSAGE CLUB :: 20 FEB 2015

...A summer without the bling bling set from British indie rock band from Liverpool :: CIRCA WAVES ::

...A soft set selection of indie rock out of the hard corner box of chocolate life from English singer songwriter :: LUCY ROSE ::

...A minimal techno house mixed DJ set from :: SEVEN SOUND ::

...A set from new progressive London indie rock band :: THE MACCABEES ::

...A documentary of English rock band :: SLOWDIVE :: following their history, influences, with intimate interviews examining the stories behind the modern classic that is :: SOUVLAKI :: featuring the band members || RACHEL GOSWELL || SIMON SCOTT || NEIL HALSTEAD || NICK CHAPLIN || & || CHRISTIAN SAVILL ||

:: Foals :: What Went Down [Official Music Video]

...A double set for Saturday from English art rock band :: EVERYTHING EVERYTHING ::

...An alternative house, rock, dance music set for "the outsiders" from Brighton's electro musician :: TOURIST ::

...A set for throwback thursday dipping into the rythmic vibes of South African multi-talented musician, composer, & singer :: HUGH MASEKELA :: flowing with soft notes of jazz and afrobeat mixes

:: Dark Minimal | Tech House compiled by :: SEVEN SOUND ::

...A set from British indie rock band :: CATFISH AND THE BOTTLEMEN :: lifting us from the basements of yesterday's desire

:: RED VELVET :: 레드벨벳_행복(Happiness) :: Music Video ::

...A soft rock set of passion featuring the Mexican band :: CAMILA :: founded by award winning composer/singer/producer :: MARIO DOMM :: guitarist :: PABLO HURTADO :: & :: SAMO ::

...An indie pop, electro rock, dance set from Californian singer and producer :: LINCOLN JESSER channeling his inner PET SHOP BOY

:: JESSIE WARE :: Say You Love Me

...A split set equally featuring the electro house dance mixing talents of :: DJ TAZER :: and singing songwriting rapper Miss Trinity Home, better known as :: TINK ::

...A double shot of indie rock from chique CHICK :: MELANIE MARTINEZ :: including her CATCHY CATCHY new single PITY PARTY

...A synth pop music set from English duo :: HURTS :: comprising of Theo Hutchcraft & Adam Anderson

...A soulful hip hopping set featuring Irish singer, songwriter, & rapper :: MAVERICK SABRE :: plus London based duo: SOULCIRCUIT

...A set from the American soul I GOT RHYTHM I GOT BLUES rockin' gospel singer :: LEON BRIDGES

Hayden James - Something About You (Official Music Video)

...An electro house dance set featuring German singer :: ANNA NAKLAB and music producer and DJ :: PARRA FOR CUVA

...innovative visualizer video by: NATE REUSS to his single: AhHa taken from his new album: GRAND ROMANTIC available mid-JUNE

...A set from the English electronic music duo: DISCLOSURE...thnx HOWARD...thnx GUY LAWRENCE...kiss...kiss

...A set for THROWBACK THURSDAY with UK Brit pop artists: THE BOO RADLEYS

BEAR'S DEN :: Elysium


...Starting the week off with a HARD ROCK set from English duo ROYAL BLOOD...I led you in gently...thank me l8r...


Valerie June :: You Can't Be Told

...A smooth 'I just want to stay the pop side of jazz' musical trio from American singer/producer: Chaz Bundick, more commonly known by his stage name: TORO Y MOI...telling a story of life, of love, of dreaming

...A set glancing backwards for THROWBACK THURSDAY with swinging Seoul trio: THE BARBARETTES

...A set from UK singer, songwriter, and musician, JAKE BUGG in a reminder of Lennon & McCartney deep in the caverns of their Liverpool baptism

...some contemporary contemplation with a triple sec SET from the UK electronic duo: THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS

...A set from UK hard and soft rock, post-punk band: KASABIAN.............