Snakehips - Forever (Pt. II) [Official Video] ft. Kaleem Taylor

...hidden for a little while, these undercover asps in the grass have decided to reveal themselves ahead of the release of their debut album so for all of you who want to know exactly who Snakehips are, they are 24 year old Oliver Lee and James Carter ...already making their name since they formed 18 months ago with various chart-topping remixes and notching up more than 30 million plays on Soundcloud and YouTube, they describe their signature sound as "a sensual up-to-date take on old school R&B and hip hop". this video, a nod to how they met, namely on separate business trips to Hong Kong, Forever (Part II) makes you want to know what happened to Part I but either way, an enjoyable dip into voguing exotic twin dancers and Chinese night life without a single piece of nigiri changing pass on the wasabi and drool anyway...


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