Philip George: Wish You Were Mine (Official Video)

...the past meets the present in this feel good, I just wanna get up and dance where ever I am, whatever I am wearing, musical gift for Throwback Thursday via the talented 21 year old British DJ and music producer from Nottingham, Philip George ...if you are not from the UK, you can be forgiven for not having heard this top 10 singles chart hit released towards the end of last year when "Wish You Were Mine" reached the coveted no. 2 position know the song but if you are wracking your brains in an 'it's on the tip of my tongue just hang on a mo' kind of a way, let me put your quest to rest by telling you that you have heard this one before, you're going to kick yourself when I point you to this: ...soon to be released in the U.S.A. in a partnership deal with Motown, this song even has Stevie Wonder's blessing, so if it's good enough for Stevie, press 'play' and enjoy the happy buzz of some electronic music in your day...

...for those who enjoy factoids, Philip George actually appears in this video playing the parts of the policeman, shopkeeper, and the bus driver


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