Iggy Pop - Home

...Mr James Newell Osterberg Jr, better known as the American singer songwriter, musican and actor Iggy Pop bursts and writhes in a video that will not disappoint rock fans as the air pulsates with bare chests, big lips, a ratchity I've-been-up-all-night-drinkin'-an'-smokin' voice, and the inevitable smashed guitar ...here he sings of 'home' in a style that compliments his art rock, hard rock, record ...named 'Iggy' in high school after he became the drummer of a band called: the Iguanas, he went on to play the blues in Chigaco where he formed the band: the Psychedelic Stooges where he swopped the drums for the vocals ...highly influenced by a 1967 performance by The Doors, and Jim Morrisson in particular, he became inspired to develop an extreme on-stage performance, pushing perceived boundaries and ensuring himself a space in rock history ...perhaps a less remembered hit, this song "Home" off his 10th album: Brick by Brick, released in June 1990, helped to make this Iggy's first RIAA certified gold album, so turn up the volume and enjoy..!


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