...a set in blue by the inimitable OLU DARA

OLU DARA - Harlem Country Girl

...hitting the jazz blues with Charles Jones III, a.k.a. OLU DARA JONES, the American musician and singer, and father of rapper: Nas ...in this set, I include my favorite and coincidentally the first song I heard of this wonderful mellow cream in my coffee smooth as silk voice that tinges the idea of blue with some hopeful sunshine, namely "Harlem Country Girl", followed by the slick single dripping with jazz, "Rain Shower" ...to cap off the threesome, a combination of family magic as father and son blues meets rap in the collaboration aptly titled, "Bridging the Gap" ...no tissues needed, this is soul blues all the way up to delight...Njoy

OLU DARA - Rain Shower

NAS - Bridging the Gap ft. Olu Dara


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