...A music set from the UK new punk rockers: SLAVES

Slaves - Feed The Mantaray (Official Video)

...corrrrr blimey, mate, I love these guys ...UK band: SLAVES ...if you miss punk then open up wide those multi-pierced appendages and rejoice at the resurrection of this post-punk meets new-punk rock from 2 cockney guys who make me go on Walmart's website and order a pogo stick just so I can feel the movement of a thousand people packed into a black and dripping sweat walls of an underground club with no air and glasses flying everywhere as the accountants mix with the council house boys and girls in a moving party that says FU to the world and all its rules for one night until they go back to work in the morning and rejoin the dole queues to sign on and obey the invisible masters once more  ...Njoy!!!!!!

SLAVES // WHERE'S YOUR CAR DEBBIE (official music video)

Slaves - Hey (Official Music Video)


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