...A K-pop extravaganza with an introduction to a growing genre

Red Velvet 레드벨벳_Ice Cream Cake_Music Video 

...with it's slick editing, style, and choreography, Korean pop is being noticed world wide ...catchy, no need to understand the language to get the nuance, with interspersing of different traditions, this is akin to watching a train wreck in motion that suddenly you get taken up with ...I have shared K-pop before but the styles are varied so I have chosen a mix to reveal the range and hope that it arrives like that unwary present under the tree that looks crap but you end up playing with all the way through December and into January and beyond ...Njoy

Rap Monster 'Do You' MV

[MV] 9MUSES(나인뮤지스) _ Glue(글루)

WIMP - Somewhere Far (Mebby ver.) MV

[MV] Nuol(뉴올) _ Bassline (Feat. Kingkong(킹콩), Huckleberry P)


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